Lessn More API

The Lessn More API is inherited from the original Lessn.

It's really simple. In fact, it's all just HTTP GET requests.

If you get a URL back, your request succeeded. If not, you're looking at an error message.



Your API key is displayed when you log in to Lessn More.

Your API key must be used for every request.

Example usage: http://example.com/-/?url=http://google.com/&api=a8b45c20205f8bb34c

Get a short URL

Add a URL, or get the short URL for a URL already in the system - same call:


YOUR_URL must be escaped. In JavaScript, use encodeURIComponent().

Set a custom short URL


Your slug should NOT start with a slash. Example slug: markdown.

Though it is not recommended, setting the GET variable overwrite will force the call to succeed, even if the slug already redirects somewhere else!

Remove a redirection


The redirection for the slug named SLUG will be marked as deleted. Requests for it will result in a 410 Gone error page.

(Not implemented yet, as of v. 2.0.; however the change could be made in the database.)


redirect: allows you to create custom redirects. %l in the value of redirect is replaced with the Lessn'd url. Mostly useful for bookmarklets or other mashups.

Example usage, http://yourdomain.com/-/?url=<long url>&redirect=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2F%3Fstatus%3D%l